Best PS5 SSDs of 2024

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Unleash the full potential of your PS5 with the Best SSDs of 2024. These high-performance storage solutions offer lightning-fast load times, seamless gameplay, and ample capacity to accommodate your growing library of games. Elevate your gaming experience with the top-rated SSDs leading the way in maximizing the power of your PS5 in 2024.

Kingston FURY Renegade
Kingston FURY Renegade

Corsair MP600 PRO LPX
Corsair MP600 PRO LPX

Samsung 990Pro
Samsung 990 PRO

WD Black SN850X
WD Black SN850X

FireCuda 530
Seagate FireCuda 530

SK Hynix Platinum P41

1. Kingston FURY Renegade

The first one on our list is the Kingston Fury Renegade. The Fury Renegade SSD stands out as the go-to choice for PS5 enthusiasts, offering a blend of exceptional speed, innovative design, and reliability. The inclusion of a PS5-compliant heatsink sets this newer Gen 4 variant apart, elevating its performance to new heights.

What makes the Kingston Fury Renegade a standout performer is its outstanding sequential performance, delivering top-tier speeds that redefine the gaming experience. The heatsink, tailored for the PS5, not only ensures optimal performance but also showcases Kingston’s commitment to thoughtful design.

In the era of graphically intensive games with massive file sizes, the Fury Renegade addresses the limitations of the PS5’s internal storage. Available in capacities ranging from 500GB to 4TB, this SSD provides a solution for expanding storage without compromising speed. While the pricing, especially for higher configurations, may lean towards the premium side, frequent discounts make it an attractive investment.

The design and features of the Fury Renegade further contribute to its appeal. The robust NVMe drive, encased in a thick, high-quality heatsink, boasts an aesthetic that aligns with Kingston’s legacy of sleek and reliable hardware. The Phison E18 controller, coupled with 2GB dedicated DRAM and Micron 176L TLC NAND flash memory, ensures not just speed but also durability.

In terms of performance, the Kingston Fury Renegade excels inside the PS5 console. The sequential speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s reads and 7,000 MB/s writes make it one of the fastest Gen 4 SSDs available. Loading times for optimized titles and file transfers are notably swift, demonstrating its capability to handle the demands of high-fidelity graphics and large game worlds.

While the Kingston Fury Renegade may have a slightly higher price tag for larger configurations, the overall package justifies the investment. It’s not just a fast SSD; it’s a durable solution for the future, boasting solid write endurance and backed by a 5-year limited warranty.



2. Corsair MP600 PRO LPX

Next up, we have Corsair MP600 Pro LPX. The MP600 Pro LPX is a compelling NVMe SSD that brings notable improvements over its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for both PC enthusiasts and PS5 owners. Corsair has addressed the limitations of the original MP600 Pro by introducing the LPX model, specifically designed to fit into the PS5’s NVMe slot without compromising on performance.

The standout feature of the MP600 Pro LPX is its revamped design, featuring a redesigned heatsink that reduces the height by 4mm, allowing it to seamlessly fit into the PS5. The detachable heatsink is a thoughtful addition, catering to users who prioritize custom cooling solutions on their motherboards. However, it’s worth noting that the branding orientation may seem peculiar when used on a PC, as the lettering will be upside down.

Performance-wise, the Phison E18 controller proves to be a reliable choice, delivering impressive read speeds above 7,350MB/s and write speeds around 6,870MB/s with the 2TB model. The LPX demonstrates consistent performance, thanks to the SLC mode cache technique, making it a noteworthy competitor in the Gen4 NVMe SSD market.

Corsair offers a range of capacities from 500GB to 8TB, with the 4TB option boasting a substantial 3,000TBW. While these figures may seem slightly lower compared to some competitors, the five-year warranty assures the LPX’s durability and reliability.

In conclusion, the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX is a well-rounded NVMe SSD that successfully addresses the limitations of its predecessor. With a thoughtful design, strong performance, and competitive pricing, it stands out as a reliable storage solution for those seeking enhanced speed and compatibility for both gaming consoles and PCs.



3. Samsung 990 PRO

The Samsung 990 Pro is on our list as well. The 990 Pro SSD stands out as one of the most powerful PCIe 4.0 SSDs in the market, offering blazing-fast speeds and catering to both gaming and professional computing needs. Its compatibility with the PlayStation 5 (PS5) makes it an attractive choice for users looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Following the success of its 2TB predecessor, this SSD introduces the latest 8th-generation Samsung V-NAND technology and an enhanced controller, catering to users with demanding workloads and a need for extensive storage.

The drive’s performance is top-tier, excelling in multiple tests. The sequential read and write speeds, reaching up to 7,450 MB/s and 6,900 MB/s, respectively, push the limits of the PCIe 4.0 interface. It sets new standards for IOPS with an astonishing 1.6 million for random reads and 1.55 million for random writes. The use of Samsung’s V8 TLC flash technology further enhances its capabilities.

Samsung’s decision to maintain a single-sided, two-package design adds to its uniqueness, making it harder to replicate by counterfeiters. The optional heatsink, equipped with RGB LEDs not only adds a touch of style but also proves practical for efficient cooling, especially in compact builds and the PS5.

With the PS5 compatibility tested, the SSD delivered on its promise, providing a read throughput of 6,557 MB/s, aligning with Sony’s recommendations. It is recommended to update the firmware of Samsung 990 Pro before use with PS5 to ensure optimal performance. This can be achieved by installing the SSD on a PC and utilizing Samsung Magician software.

In summary, the Samsung 990 Pro SSD emerges as a highly recommended choice for PS5 users, providing exceptional speeds for a Gen 4 drive at a reasonable price point. While not the most budget-friendly, the 990 Pro’s exceptional performance, reliability, and features justify its status as a top-tier SSD investment.



4. WD Black SN850X

The next one on our list is WD Black SN850X. The SN850X is a commendable improvement over its predecessor, addressing key issues and enhancing both PC and PS5 performance. The design maintains WD Black’s distinctive military-style motif, featuring the ‘BLACK’ heatsink, with an innovative design that includes holes for improved air circulation.

The heatsink, however, is disappointingly absent on the 4TB model, limiting its cooling capabilities. The heatsink design itself, with triangular holes and a non-uniform contact surface, demonstrates a thoughtful approach to effective cooling. The drive’s slim profile, under 10mm thick, is crucial for compatibility, especially for PS5 users.

In terms of specifications, the addition of a 4TB model is a sensible move, eliminating the performance gap seen in the previous variants. The read/write speeds across all capacities are impressive, reaching up to 7,300MB/s read and 6,600MB/s write. Notably, the SN850X boasts improved total bytes written (TBW) values, with the 4TB model reaching a substantial 2400TBW.

A notable feature is the introduction of Game Mode 2.0, a flexible software control that enhances read speeds, catering to gamers. Performance benchmarks reveal consistent improvements over the SN850, with a 5% uplift in reads and a substantial 28% improvement in writes.

However, drawbacks include the absence of hardware encryption, limiting appeal for high-performance workstation storage. The pricing strategy, while competitive, may be considered on the higher side, especially with the availability of more affordable alternatives.

In conclusion, the WD Black SN850X stands out as a solid choice for PC and PS5 users, offering enhanced performance, innovative cooling, and a new Game Mode 2.0. Despite some minor limitations, it proves to be a worthwhile upgrade, especially for those seeking a reliable NVMe SSD with a focus on improved gaming experiences.



5. Seagate FireCuda 530

Next up, we have the Seagate FireCuda 530. The FireCuda 530, despite its age, continues to assert its dominance as one of the best SSDs for the PS5. The SSD’s performance is lauded for its incredible speed, even though it may not boast the raw numbers of the latest models.

One of the standout features is its design, particularly the inclusion of the PS5 SSD heatsink in the 1TB model. The thick aluminum wrap not only provides a robust enclosure for the silicon and controller but also ensures optimal heat dissipation. This is especially crucial, considering the PS5’s M2 port lacks passive cooling. The intelligently crafted heatsink while slightly bulky adds heft that proves beneficial during installation, staying securely in place.

As expected from a high-performance Gen 4.0 model, the Seagate FireCuda 530 utilizes the exceptional Phison E-18 controller. With the inclusion of 176-layer Micron TLC flash memory, it demonstrates seamless compatibility with the latest NVMe models.

Another standout feature is its exceptional speed, making it a commendable choice for PS5 enthusiasts. The drive’s read and write speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s set a benchmark that few have surpassed even years later. While it might not be the fastest in its class anymore, the FireCuda 530 maintains its position as one of the best SSDs for PS5.

Performance testing on the PS5 reveals exceptional results, with a read score of 6,539 MB/s, making it one of the fastest NVMe drives. File transfer times are equally impressive, with large games like Horizon: Forbidden West with its 99.35 GB file size, transferring in just 79 seconds.

In conclusion, the Seagate FireCuda 530 is a worthwhile investment for those seeking durability, top-tier performance, and an intelligently designed heatsink for their PS5. With best-in-class write endurance and lightning-fast speeds, it stands as a reliable choice for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience.



6. SK Hynix Platinum P41

The last one on our list is SK Hynix Platinum P41. The Platinum P41 2TB SSD proves to be a late but exceptional entrant to the PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD market. Despite being a latecomer, SK Hynix has outshone its competitors with superior performance, earning it the title of the best flash-based SSD ever.

The Platinum P41 follows the success of its predecessor, the Gold P31, which was notable for its power-efficient 4-channel design and impressive 128-layer Hynix flash array. The P31’s superior random read performance set a benchmark for the industry, surpassing even the likes of Samsung’s 970 Pro.

SK Hynix continues its tradition of total vertical integration with the P41, manufacturing the controller, flash, and onboard DRAM cache in-house. The 2TB variant of the Platinum P41 boasts impressive “up to” random IOPS factory specs, particularly with a notable 1.4 million IOPS random read, a crucial metric for consumer performance.

The design of the Platinum P41 is commendable, featuring a single-sided design with a two-package flash array, an 8-channel Aries controller, and a 2GB LPDDR4 DRAM. This configuration ensures maximum compatibility, power efficiency, and full Gen4 throughput.

Performance-wise, the Platinum P41 lives up to its specifications, delivering a sequential read throughput of over 7,000 MB/s and a sequential write throughput exceeding 6,500 MB/s. Real-world testing, including 3DMark SSD gaming tests and PCM10 storage tests, further reinforces its status as the best-performing flash-based consumer SSD.

Notably, the Platinum P41 excels as a PlayStation 5 M.2 storage expansion device, showcasing impressive read performance that aligns with Sony’s recommendations.

In conclusion, the SK Hynix Platinum P41 2TB SSD stands out as the pinnacle of flash-based SSD performance. Its exceptional speed, innovative design, and overall reliability make it a worthwhile choice.




In 2024, the demand for high-performance SSDs for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) drives innovation in the market. Among the options available, certain models stand out as the best SSDs for the PS5, offering exceptional speed, reliability, and compatibility. These top contenders boast lightning-fast read and write speeds, maximizing gaming performance and reducing loading times significantly. With ample storage capacities and advanced technologies, they ensure seamless gameplay experiences and efficient storage management. Additionally, these top-rated PS5 SSDs prioritize compatibility with the PS5’s architecture and firmware, guaranteeing smooth integration and optimal performance. In 2024, these SSDs set new standards for storage excellence, enhancing the gaming experience for PS5 enthusiasts.