Best Budget Soundbars For TV 2024

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Elevate your TV’s audio without breaking the bank with the Best Budget Soundbars for TV of 2024. These top picks offer quality sound, sleek designs, and wallet-friendly prices, making them ideal for enhancing your home entertainment setup affordably.

Amazon Fire TV Soundbar

VIZIO M-Series M213ad-K8

Bose TV Speaker

Sony HT-S400
Sony HT-S400

TCL Alto 6+
TCL Alto 6 Plus

1. Fire TV Soundbar

The first one on our list is Amazon Fire TV Soundbar. The Amazon Fire TV Soundbar seamlessly combines audio prowess with smart functionality, creating an immersive home entertainment experience. 

Boasting a sleek and minimalist design, this soundbar effortlessly blends into any living space, delivering both style and substance. With a length of 24 inches and a height of just 2.5 inches, the Fire TV Soundbar fits most entertainment consoles and TV stands.

One of the standout features of the Fire TV Soundbar is its integration of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. This hands-free control adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to adjust volume, switch inputs, or even search for content using just their voice.

In terms of audio quality, the Fire TV Soundbar delivers a clear and dynamic soundstage. Whether you’re watching movies, streaming music, or playing games, the soundbar’s powerful speakers reproduce crisp highs and deep lows, enhancing the overall audio immersion. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos technology further elevates the auditory experience.

Setting up the Fire TV Soundbar is a breeze, thanks to its HDMI ARC connectivity and compatibility with other Fire TV devices. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple connectivity options, such as Bluetooth and optical input, provides flexibility for users who want to connect various devices to the soundbar. The remote control included with the Fire TV Soundbar is intuitive and well-designed, featuring dedicated buttons for popular streaming services and quick access to settings.

While the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar doesn’t boast an extensive array of advanced audio settings, its simplicity, and integration with the Fire TV platform make it an excellent choice for users seeking a hassle-free and high-quality audio solution for their home entertainment setup. 

Overall, the Amazon Fire TV Soundbar combines audio excellence with smart functionality, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a streamlined and feature-rich home entertainment solution. 



2. VIZIO M-Series M213ad-K8

The second one on our list is the Vizio M-Series M213ad-K8. This All-in-One 2.1 Immersive Sound Bar is a great option for sound lovers out there with a budget.

Design-wise, this standalone bar distinguishes itself by incorporating two integrated subwoofers and Dolby Atmos support, a notable feature in its price range. The soundbar’s sleek trapezoidal design, cloth wrapping, and controls on the side contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

In terms of performance, It excels in reproducing voices and lead instruments with clarity, making it suitable for music enthusiasts and TV show aficionados. The dialogue in TV shows remains clear and prominent in the mix. However, the bar struggles with extended low bass, particularly noticeable in bass-heavy music genres and action-packed movies.

One of its standout features is the support for Dolby Atmos, a rarity in its budget category. The inclusion of bass and treble adjustments allows users to tailor the audio to their preferences, adding a degree of customization. Its affordability, coupled with Dolby Atmos support, positions it as an attractive choice for users primarily interested in stereo content like music and TV shows but occasionally want the option of enjoying surround sound and Atmos movies.

Setting up the soundbar is a straightforward process, and it offers versatile connectivity options, including HDMI, HDMI eARC, digital optical, analog, and Bluetooth. 

However, it has a few drawbacks such as the lack of low bass, absence of WiFi, and downmixing of surround sound to stereo.

In conclusion, the Vizio M-Series M213ad-K8 is a solid all-in-one soundbar. If Dolby Atmos is not a crucial factor in your decision-making, this soundbar proves to be an excellent choice in terms of sound quality and user-friendliness.



3. Bose TV Speaker

The next one on our list is Bose TV Speaker. Known for their commitment to audio excellence, Bose has once again demonstrated their expertise in crafting audio devices that elevate the home entertainment experience.

Design-wise, the Bose TV Speaker maintains the brand’s signature sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The compact form factor doesn’t compromise performance, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space or a preference for unobtrusive audio solutions. The build quality is sturdy, and the soundbar seamlessly blends into any home decor.

Despite its compact size, this soundbar manages to produce a surprisingly robust audio performance, filling the room with rich and detailed sound. Setting up the Bose TV Speaker Soundbar is a breeze, making it an excellent choice for users who prefer hassle-free installations. The included remote control simplifies the operation, allowing users to easily adjust settings and customize their audio preferences.

Another noteworthy feature is the dialogue mode, which enhances vocal clarity, making movie dialogues and TV show conversations more intelligible. 

Connectivity options are versatile, with HDMI-ARC and optical inputs ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices. Bluetooth functionality adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to stream audio wirelessly from their smartphones or tablets.

While the Bose TV Speaker Soundbar lacks some advanced features found in higher-end models, its performance more than compensates for its simplicity. It caters to users seeking a reliable and high-quality audio solution without the need for excessive bells and whistles.

In short, the Bose TV Speaker Soundbar impresses with its superior sound quality, easy setup, and user-friendly design. The Bose TV Speaker is a solid choice for elevating your sound experience without breaking the bank.



4. Sony HT-S400

The fourth one on our list is the Sony HT-S400. The HT-S400 positions itself as an entry-level soundbar catering to a broad range of audio needs.

This entry-level model stands out with its sleek black design, dominated by plastic construction with a metal grille wrapping around the sides. The soundbar features an OLED display hidden behind the grille, providing information on the selected input and settings adjustments.

In terms of audio performance, the HT-S400 offers a satisfactory stereo soundstage, enhanced by Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround technology. This feature utilizes psychoacoustic principles to widen the soundstage, providing a more immersive audio experience. The sound profile is characterized by balanced mids, clear reproduction of vocals and lead instruments, and an extra emphasis on mid-to-high bass, adding a noticeable boom to the overall mix.

One notable aspect is the inclusion of a dedicated wireless subwoofer, contributing to better low-frequency extension and more pronounced bass. The HT-S400’s connectivity options include optical and HDMI inputs, allowing seamless integration with your TV. While it lacks a Full HDMI In port for video passthrough, it still provides a straightforward setup for audio playback.

The soundbar comes with a simple remote control with basic features, allowing users to power the bar on/off, change inputs, adjust volume, and access different enhancement features like night mode and dialogue enhancement. Additionally, physical controls on top of the bar provide convenient access to essential functions.

However, it lacks support for advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos, limiting its ability to deliver immersive, object-based sound found in some streaming platforms.

To cut the long story short, the Sony HT-S400 offers a simple and effective way to elevate your TV’s audio, particularly for those who prioritize easy setup and a clean, unobtrusive design. 



5. TCL Alto 6 Plus

The last one on our list is TCL Alto 6 Plus. The Alto 6 Plus Audio Sound Bar is a sleek and sophisticated audio solution that delivers an immersive sound experience for home entertainment. 

In terms of design, With its compact form factor, it seamlessly integrates into any living space, complementing modern aesthetics. The build quality is commendable, with durable materials ensuring longevity. 

One of the standout features of the Alto 6 Plus is its 2.1 channel configuration, providing a well-balanced audio output that enhances both dialogue clarity and immersive sound effects. The inclusion of Dolby Audio technology further enriches the auditory experience.

Setting up the Alto 6 Plus is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly interface and included accessories. The wireless subwoofer adds an extra dimension to the audio, producing deep and resonant bass that fills the room without overwhelming the other frequencies.

The soundbar also comes equipped with various connectivity options, including Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, and optical input, providing flexibility for different devices and setups. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio sources, from smart TVs to gaming consoles and streaming devices. 

The included remote control simplifies the user experience, allowing for easy adjustments to volume, audio modes, and input selection. The soundbar also comes with various preset sound modes, catering to different content types. Whether you prefer a movie night, want to enhance dialogues, or immerse yourself in music, the soundbar offers customization options to suit your preferences.

Some users may find that the soundbar lacks compatibility with high-end audio codecs, such as DTS-X or Dolby Atmos which can be considered a downside. 

All in all, With its combination of style, functionality, and impressive audio output, the TCL Alto 6+ Sound Bar is a solid choice for those seeking an immersive home audio experience.




In 2024, the market for budget soundbars for TVs offers several standout options that deliver impressive audio performance without breaking the bank. Among these, certain models stand out as the best budget soundbars of the year, providing users with an affordable yet quality audio solution for their home entertainment setups. These top contenders boast clear and balanced sound reproduction, enhancing the audio experience of movies, TV shows, and music. With compact and space-saving designs, they seamlessly integrate with any TV setup while offering hassle-free installation and operation. Additionally, features like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in subwoofers, and various sound modes provide users with flexibility and convenience. In 2024, these top-rated budget soundbars redefine affordability without compromising on audio quality, making them ideal choices for budget-conscious consumers seeking to enhance their TV audio experience.