5 Best Webcam For Streaming 2023

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Welcome to the exciting world of online streaming in 2023! Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just getting started, one of the most essential tools at your disposal is a reliable webcam. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 5 best webcams for streaming in 2023, helping you elevate your streaming game to the next level. Get ready to capture and connect with your audience like never before!

Elgato Facecam Pro
Elgato Facecam Pro

Logitech StreamCam
Logitech StreamCam

Razer Kiyo Pro
Razer Kiyo Pro

Elgato Facecam
Elgato Facecam

Elgato Facecam
Logitech Brio 4K

1. Elgato Facecam Pro

The first one on our list is the Elgato Facecam Pro Webcam. Designed to compete with the best webcams on the high-end, the Facecam Pro is a 4K webcam that captures video at 4K@60fps. It comes with a large Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a premium autofocus lens, and a wide 90-degree field of view. 

In terms of design, the Facecam Pro is housed in a boxy plastic chassis measuring 4.6 inches wide, 3.1 inches deep, and 1.5 inches tall. The chassis features some unexciting branding and has vents at the back for heat dissipation. The plastic gives a very sturdy feel and weighs very little only 240g — making the Facecam Pro slightly more maneuverable when it’s sitting on top of a monitor.

When it comes to its features, Elgato’s Camera Hub is an exception — not only does it offer detailed control over things like exposure, focus, and white balance, but it also has some handy features to help streamline the streaming experience. Its camera hub has several sections for adjusting the Facecam Pro’s image, including exposure, white balance, and picture, with more detailed controls in each section.

The Facecam Pro comes with a detachable monitor mount, which attaches via the webcam’s tripod attachment mounting point. It’s a pretty basic L-shaped mount, with rubberized backing and tilt adjustment.

The Facecam Pro also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable, which plugs into a USB-C port at the back of the chassis. This webcam requires a certain amount of power to work, so you’ll need to plug it into a USB-C port or perhaps a USB 3.1 port using an adapter.

It’s designed to be closely integrated with all the accessories, on both Windows and Mac, delivering up to 4K@60fps and a better-than-usual 1080p@60fps. It also offers a flexible amount of control over the camera settings. It’s a strong runner-up for streamers and people who record their screens with a picture-in-picture self-view, such as in training or prerecorded presentations.

Apart from its features, there are some of its cons which we found out while testing, like it, comes with No privacy cover. Plus, Autoexposure could use fine-tuning to make the image better. Overall, If you’re a creator who needs that smooth 4K video, the Facecam Pro is a no-brainer for you.


  • Excellent image quality
  • 4k/60fps video capture
  • Good software


  • No privacy cover
  • Expensive
  • Images need tweaking to look good

2. Logitech StreamCam

The second one on our list is Logitech StreamCam. The Logitech StreamCam is a bit more square than most other webcams. It measures 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.9 inches and weighs only 5.3 ounces. 

In terms of features, StreamCam comes with a premium glass lens and smart Auto-Focus. Its premium glass lens delivers vibrant, true-to-life image quality with crisp details. A 78-degree field of view keeps you upfront and center. Smart Auto-focus intelligently adjusts the lens in real-time so you always stay in focus, even when you move toward or away from the camera.

Its features also include Auto-Framing and Intelligent Exposure. The smart auto-framing mode dynamically adjusts the framing to keep you in the center of the shot, even as you move left or right. The intelligent exposure system adjusts the aperture and ISO speed in real time to ensure accurate skin tones for a more natural, healthy look—even in varying lighting conditions. With StreamCam, you can be confident that you’ll always look great. The webcam also uses a dual omnidirectional mic and a noise-reduction filter to create vibrant audio. 

In terms of performance, Logitech StreamCam streams and records in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps, delivering stunning video content with a smooth motion to every aspect of your online world. From recording YouTube videos to streaming on Twitch and beyond, StreamCam’s premium glass lens and smart auto-focus system make it easy to get professional-quality results. Advanced features like auto-framing and intelligent exposure ensure you always look your best in any lighting.

StreamCam uses USB Type-C to ensure efficient video transfer speeds. Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS 10.14 and above. It also comes with a 3-month premium X-Split license, which is a live streaming and recording software. You can also combine StreamCam with the included Logitech Capture software to unlock powerful features that automate focus exposure and more.

Apart from its various features, we found out some of its cons while testing it out, as it comes with No privacy shutter. Plus, the vertical video cannot be streamed, only recorded.

Overall, This webcam is a good buy and professional content creators will appreciate the high resolution, excellent video quality, and smart auto-focus features.


  • Landscape and portrait modes
  • Optimized for streaming
  • Tilt and pan functions
  • Multiple mount options


  • Expensive
  • No privacy shutter
  • Footage gets ‘noisy’ in low light
  • Lacks variable FOV

3. Razer Kiyo Pro

The third one on our list is the Razer Kiyo Pro Streaming Webcam. Experience smooth and vibrant professional quality with the highest fidelity through uncompressed Full HD 1080p 60FPS video – Works great for streaming, gaming, recording, video calling, conferencing, and online school.

In terms of design, The Kiyo Pro looks like a wide-angle digital camera lens, a fat black cylinder with a ridged segment that seems like it would control zoom or focus but it doesn’t; it’s just a design choice. Razor removed the ring light, but, thanks to a sensitive but sharp sensor and wide aperture lens combination, it really doesn’t need it. Front-facing microphone holes sit on either side of the plastic cover, with an indicator LED above it. The back of the camera has a USB-C port for connecting the included five-foot, fabric-wrapped USB A-to-C cable.

In terms of features, The Razer Kiyo Pro can record 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second, or in HDR at 30 frames per second. It can also record in 720p at 60fps and 480p and 360p at 30fps. It has a field of view of 103 degrees, with digitally cropped angles of 90 and 80 degrees available.  Give your viewers the pro-grade clarity and quality they deserve in any setup and lighting condition. 

It also comes with an adaptive light sensor which enables the webcam to adapt to the lighting condition for picture-perfect clarity in any environment. Its superior low-light performance helps reduce graininess and brings out details to show you in the best light even in darker environments, The Razer Kiyo Pro’s light sensor performs better in more conditions compared to 4K webcams, which rely on professional lighting gear to achieve the same result.

Kiyo Pro Features a lightning-fast USB 3.0 connection that delivers a powerful 5GB/s camera signal for maximum video performance without any compression. It is Streamlabs certified and compatible with all popular platforms like OBS, XSplit Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. 

Despite its various features, it also has some little cons which we found out while testing it, like its colors can be fussy in low light. Plus, Mac software compatibility is lacking. Overall, The Razer Kiyo Pro is an excellent webcam that looks and feels premium, is easy to use, and produces great video quality.


  • Sharp video for 1080p
  • Good exposure even in low light
  • Crisp, clear microphone
  • Great image quality
  • Enhanced HDR


  • Expensive
  • Bloated Razer software
  • Very large design
  • Color can be fussy in low light
  • Requires USB 3.0

4. Elgato Facecam

The fourth one on our list is the Elgato Facecam Webcam. The Facecam packs a pro-grade lens with a cutting-edge image sensor. 

When it comes to design, the shape of the Facecam is rather unusual, with a cube-like ‘head’ that more closely resembles an action camera than a typical webcam. Still, the design is inoffensive and doesn’t take up too much room if placed on top of a laptop or monitor despite measuring in at 3 x 1.5 x 2 inches. The L-style mount means that you can place the Facecam directly onto a desk if you don’t enjoy having it at eye level, and also fully detaches to reveal a standard tripod thread, which gives you plenty of placement options when setting up your broadcast. Its Build quality is quite decent, and it is made mostly from black plastic. You also get a lens cap cover for privacy if you care about that sort of thing.

In terms of features, the Facecam is able to record up to 1080p at 60 FPS. It delivers a crisp, detailed image with smooth natural motion on recordings. It captures a fairly wide 82-degree field of view and lets you frame your face or reveal your surroundings, while a fixed focus range ensures that you always stay in crystal-clear focus. It’s the equivalent of a 24mm lens on a full-frame camera and is just wide enough to leave you comfortably centered in your environment without any fisheye effect. It also has an f2.4 aperture which is engineered to make you look amazing.

It is optimized for indoor use. A premium SONY® STARVIS™ CMOS sensor enables Facecam to capture extraordinary detail and minimal noise. So you’ll look amazing on Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, and everywhere online — in all lighting conditions.

The Facecam also comes with dynamic image processing. The ISP inside Facecam is optimized to enhance highlights and automatically correct shadows. The colors appear vibrant yet natural. Whites and darks are always balanced to maximize detail while keeping noise minimal. Day or night, your image quality is unbelievable. It comes with a USB 3.0 interface which transfers image data with the lowest latency.

Despite its various features, it also has some cons which we found out while testing, like its shots, is a bit overexposed. Plus it has no HDR. Overall,  If you’re just looking for a good quality webcam for work or keeping in touch with family, however, this would be a nice option to go with.


  • Uncompressed 1080p 60 fps video
  • Good picture with the right lighting
  • App shows ISO levels
  • A wide frame of view (82 degrees)
  • Plug and play functionality
  • Supplied privacy cap


  • Overexposed shots
  • No microphone
  • Requires USB 3.0
  • Absent manual tint control
  • No HDR or Low-light mode
  • Expensive

5. Logitech Brio 4K

The last one on our list is Logitech Brio 4K Webcam. Brio is a remarkable piece of technology that streams crystal-clear video with superb resolution, frame rate, color and detail, including autofocus and 5x HD zoom. 

In terms of design, the Logitech Brio has a sleek design that lacks the chunkiness of many webcams. It’s 4 inches wide, 1.1 inches high, 1.1 inches deep, and weighs 2.22 ounces. Brio’s lens is made of glass. Using infrared sensor technology, the webcam works with Windows Hello facial recognition technology, so those with this software can sign on by looking into the Brio’s lens. 

In terms of features, Brio is a remarkable piece of technology that streams crystal-clear video with superb resolution, frame rate, color, and detail, including autofocus and 5x HD zoom. Brio delivers 4K Ultra HD video at 30 fps, HD 1080p at either 30 or 60 fps, and HD 720p at 30, 60, or an ultra-smooth 90 fps for outstanding clarity, smoothness, and detail. The higher frame rate is especially useful for slow-motion recording.

Brio comes with an adjustable field of view. Choose from three fields of view (FOV) presets to perfectly frame your video. To frame an ideal head and shoulders view, select 65° diagonal. To capture more of the room, choose 78° or 90° degrees diagonal. Whichever dFOV setting you select, get a closer look with 5x HD zoom in spectacular 4K resolution.
It also adjusts the light balance automatically. Whether you’re in low light, direct sunlight, or high-contrast conditions, you can still look great on every video call, RightLight 3 technology automatically adjusts light balance.

Brio also features dual-integrated omnidirectional mics with noise-canceling technology. The mics capture audio clearly from up to one meter away without amplifying background noise so conversations always sound natural and clear.

Apart from its various features, there are some of its cons which we found out while testing, like its monitor mount and lens cover are lack of quality. Plus, it has no optical zoom. Overall, based on the given features, It’s expensive, but the Logitech Brio is one of the best webcams ever.


  • Ultra HD 4K resolution
  • Works with Windows Hello
  • Excellent mic quality


  • High price
  • Lacks optical zoom
  • Clip and privacy cover don’t match build quality of camera

Buying Guide: 5 Best Webcams for Streaming in 2023

Are you a budding streamer looking to upgrade your streaming setup? Choosing the right webcam is crucial to enhance your streaming quality and engage your audience effectively. In this buying guide, we will walk you through the top five webcams for streaming in 2023, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget
Before diving into the world of webcams, it’s essential to establish your budget. Webcams come in various price ranges, and knowing how much you’re willing to invest will narrow down your options.

Step 2: Assess Your Streaming Needs
Consider your streaming requirements. Are you a gamer, vlogger, or business professional? Different activities may demand specific features from your webcam.

Step 3: Image Quality Matters
When it comes to webcams, image quality reigns supreme. Look for webcams that offer at least Full HD (1080p) resolution or higher. Crisp, clear visuals will captivate your audience.

Step 4: Low-Light Performance
If you plan to stream in varying lighting conditions, prioritize a webcam with excellent low-light performance. Features like auto-focus and low-light compensation are essential for maintaining video quality in challenging environments.

Step 5: Frame Rate
For smooth and professional-looking streams, aim for webcams with a minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps). Higher frame rates, such as 60fps, offer even smoother motion.

Step 6: Wide-Angle Lens
Consider a webcam with a wide-angle lens if you need to capture a larger area. This is ideal for group streaming, presentations, or showcasing your workspace.

Step 7: Auto-Focus and Face Tracking
Webcams equipped with auto-focus and face-tracking technology ensure that you remain in sharp focus throughout your stream, even if you move around.

Step 8: Compatibility
Ensure that the webcam you choose is compatible with your streaming platform of choice, whether it’s OBS Studio, Twitch, YouTube, or others.

Step 9: Audio Quality
Don’t overlook the audio quality. Some webcams come with built-in microphones, but investing in a separate microphone can significantly enhance your sound quality.

Step 10: Reviews and Recommendations
Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from fellow streamers. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of specific webcam models.

Selecting the best webcam for streaming in 2023 involves considering your budget, streaming needs, image quality, low-light performance, frame rate, and additional features. The top five webcams mentioned here cater to various preferences and offer excellent value for streamers of all levels. Choose the one that aligns with your specific requirements and embark on your streaming journey with confidence.