5 Best Robot Vacuums And Mop Combo 2023

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In the fast-paced world of technology, one invention has been silently revolutionizing our homes, making our lives easier and our floors cleaner – the robot vacuum cleaner. As we step into 2023, these handy devices have evolved to be smarter, more efficient, and more accessible than ever before. If you’re tired of lugging around a traditional vacuum cleaner or simply looking to embrace the future of home cleaning, you’re in luck. We’ve scoured the market to bring you the top 5 best robot vacuums of 2023.

Dreametech D10 Plus


Eufy RoboVac L35

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Shark AI (RV2001WD)

1. Dreametech D10 Plus

The first one on our list is Dreametech D10 Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner. This robot vacuum comes with a clean white finish, with Home and Power buttons on the top along with a small turret that houses its laser distance sensor. A 400mL dust bin slots into the top of the robot and is concealed by a hinged lid. The vacuum uses a pair of brushes—a single spinning side brush gathers debris from the edge of the robot’s path and sweeps it to the bristled rolling brush and then into the vacuum’s suction. It is a premium-priced mopping robot vacuum that thoroughly cleans your floors, then cleans itself so you need never get your hands dirty. 

A 150mL water tank attaches to the bottom rear of the robot for mopping. Set your water usage to wash your floors exactly the way you want. Its 150mL water tank and three water volume options let you adjust water usage and mop dampness according to how dirty the floor is for robust, efficient cleaning.

Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably with the help of an auto-empty base station which quickly and quietly dumps dirt and dust into a 2.5L dust bag, while preventing clogging, to provide weeks of independent automated cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag and put a new bag on it. According to Dreametech, the bag only needs to be changed about once every 45 days. 

Thanks to its High-Performance Lidar Navigation system which facilitates detailed rapid map building and remarkable navigation. Fast, accurate map building and systematic path planning help ensure spots aren’t missed and cleaning isn’t repeated.

This robot offers four vacuum modes—Quiet, Standard, Strong, and Turbo—with a maximum suction of 4000Pa. 4 suction modes to choose from provide efficient adaptable cleaning while a large 5,200mAh battery delivers up to 180 minutes of continuous cleaning to cover even large homes in a single run. Apart from its various features, we found some cons while testing it out. For example, debris can spill out when carried. Plus, it is less effective on carpets than on hard floors.

Overall, The Dreametech D10 Plus is a robot mop and vacuum that can clean well but gets stuck sometimes. It removed 98.9% of the debris in our cleaning tests, removed the majority of fur in a pet hair test, and had reasonably good performance in our mop test. However, it got stuck a good amount of the time while cleaning our studio space. While it may get stuck, the long runtime and other great usability features are still excellent. What’s more, the asking price is quite reasonable considering what you get.


  • Mapping enables room-by-room cleaning customization
  • Can vacuum and mop simultaneously
  • Self-emptying dustbin
  • Instant, accurate mapping


  • Mopping is less effective on deep dirt and stains
  • Less effective on carpet than hard floors
  • Debris can spill out when carried
  • It only has a one-pass run


The second one on our list is Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo. When it comes to its design, the vacuum itself is a pretty standard 4 inches tall, able to fit under the sofa with ease. It comes with two side brushes and two mopping attachments that you can easily detach and reattach. Inside the tower are two water bins, one for clean water and one for dirty mopping water, and space for a 3-liter disposable dust bag for the vacuum’s auto-empty function. Its 3-liter dust bag frees you from cleaning for up to 60 days. Its Auto Tank Refilling option contains a built-in 4 Liter clean water tank which automatically replenishes clean water for the reservoir.

With superior 5,000 Pascal suction power, your Deebot picks debris more effectively from both the hard floors and carpets. With this much suction power, it easily picks up pet hair and dirt from every corner and automatically boosts power when vacuuming on the carpets. The all-new OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system works doubly hard in removing stubborn stains and debris, leaving the floor clean as new.

Ecovacs’ proprietary navigation system is called TrueMapping. With TrueMapping, your DEEBOT scans the home environment to create the most efficient and fastest cleaning paths. Unmatched precision mapping and navigation result in methodical coverage with fewer missed spots.
It also comes with AIVI 3D Obstacle Avoidance Technology which automatically identifies, recognizes and avoids obstacles above 2 inches in height with the utmost accuracy and precision-even in the dark. So while cleaning, if you didn’t pick up your shoes from the way? No worries at all because DEEBOT has covered it all for you. 

This vacuum cleaner has built-in intuitive voice control. Using your X1 OMNI will feel like second nature. The voice command system makes cleaning your house as simple as saying, “OK YIKO, vacuum under the sofa in the living room.” And then let the magic happen itself. Despite its various uses, it has some cons as well which we found out while testing like you have to remove mops to vacuum the carpet. Plus, its docking station is giant.

Overall, The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is a powerful robot vacuum that collects fine dust and larger debris, while also cleaning ground-in dirt from hard floors. The docking station is extremely bulky but takes care of cleaning the mopping pads for you, while also emptying the dust canister and refilling the water tank. The Deebot X1 Omni isn’t as smart as some rival models, plowing through obstacles such as charging cables and socks rather than going around them, it’s expensive, too.


  • Dedicated voice assistant Yiko
  • Excellent mopping robot
  • AI-powered object avoidance
  • Effective self-cleaning function
  • Stylish design
  • Exceptional navigation performance


  • The most expensive robot cleaner you can buy
  • Have to remove mops to vacuum carpet
  • Uses the less effective bristle / hybrid roller brush
  • The docking station is a giant

3. Eufy RoboVac L35

The third one on our list is the eufy RoboVac L35 Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner. There are two variants of this model, the L35 Hybrid, with a regular charging base, and the L35 Hybrid+ with an auto-emptying base.  

In terms of design, the RoboVac looks pretty unremarkable from the outside. It’s circular in shape, measuring 325mm in diameter and a mere 72mm tall, so it’ll fit under even fairly low-slung furniture and clean the spots that otherwise don’t get much attention. It has a reasonably generous 0.6-liter dust bin that trundles around on a pair of motorized rubber wheels with a tiny pivoting jockey wheel at the rear to provide stability. The main rolling brush sits between those two wheels and a pair of spinning brushes are located at the front to help the robot pick up dust and fluff close to the edges and in the corners of your room.

The L35 has a 200ml water tank used for mopping the floor. There are four power levels for vacuuming and three water flow levels for mopping. 4 levels of vacuuming with up to 3,200 Pa of suction power ensure that dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and more are efficiently removed from hard floors and carpets for a superior clean.

Its 2-in-1 design allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time for efficient cleaning. When it detects a change from hard floors to carpet, Its built-in BoostIQ increases the suction power for deep cleaning. The gadget has a 5,200 mAh battery providing up to 145 minutes of runtime between charges. The Hybrid+ model adds an auto-emptying docking station for up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning. 

When it comes to features, it has iPath Laser Navigation which uses LiDAR technology to build a real-time map of your home. You can create maps of up to three floors in your home, and the robot will be able to work out where it has been placed automatically.  This Robot Vacuum also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control Robo-Vac with your voice while you enjoy your free time.
Apart from its various features, we found out some of its cons while testing the product, as it can sometimes bump into obstacles. Moreover, it struggles with climbing onto high-pile carpets. Overall, the L35 is a decent option for dealing with pet hair and you won’t regret your purchase decision.


  • Excellent vacuum ability
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy to control with an application


  • Inaccurate data storage
  • Noisy at the highest suction level
  • Inability to self-empty

2. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The fourth one on our list is the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner.  The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is an advanced robot vacuum mop combo with a bleeding-edge design. It utilizes LiDAR Navigation, an RGB camera, and a structured light sensor to expertly navigate obstacle-ridden floors. 

It comes with an Empty Wash Fill dock for charging and automatic daily maintenance. The included Empty Wash Fill dock is capable of emptying its own dustbin after vacuuming, washing its own cloth after mopping, and refilling its water tank when it runs out. The dock is also capable enough to hold enough dust for up to 7 weeks without emptying.

When it comes to its features, Thanks to Roborock’s next generation of obstacle avoidance technology, ReactiveAI 2.0, the S7 MaxV can navigate around common domestic hazards using its RGB camera and a new neural processing unit. An additional light turns on in dark rooms, making obstacle recognition as effective at night as during the day. 3D structured light systems supplement the RGB camera and can spot unknown objects, determine their size and location, and allow the robot to navigate around them.

In terms of performance, the S7 MaxV has more suction power than any previous Roborock robot vacuum, generating a maximum of 5100 Pa. It quickly picks up debris, hair, dust, and more from hard floors and carpets. With strong suction power, good battery life, and other premium features such as AI-powered obstacle avoidance, a camera for remote home monitoring, and a unique mop-lifting feature, the S7 MaxV Ultra is one of the most advanced floor-cleaning robots available.

Apart from its various features, we found out some of its cons while testing the product, like it has no hot-air mop-drying option. Plus, it has smaller water tanks and dust bags than top competitors.

Overall, The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a powerful robot vacuum that can collect fine dust and larger debris, while also offering the ability to mop hard floors. The docking station is bulky but can clean the mopping pads for you, as well as refill the water tank and empty its own dust canister, seriously reducing the level of maintenance required. The S7 MaxV Ultra also includes an onboard camera, through which you can keep an eye on your home and converse with pets. This robot-vac isn’t as slim as some rival robot vacuums, which resulted in it struggling to reach under certain pieces of furniture, and it’s expensive, too.


  • Self-emptying, self-cleaning
  • Great mopping performance
  • Decent obstacle avoidance
  • Simple setup
  • Quiet


  • Lackluster pet hair pickup on carpet
  • Large dock
  • Struggled with long hair and pet hair
  • High price point

1. Shark AI (RV2001WD)

The last one on our list is Shark AI Robot Vacuum & Mop. This Vacmop has a round shape and it clocks in measuring 12.5” x 3.5”. The cleaning path (roller head width) is 5.5” while its side brushes collect debris from nearly the full width. In mop mode the cleaning path is nearly 11.5”, so nearly the full width of the vacuum. On top of the robot is a small LED display showing the battery indicator as well as the Wi-Fi status, mopping indicator, and error indicator. There are also 2 buttons at the top – clean and dock. These allow for manual interaction and are useful if you don’t have your phone available to start/stop the vacuum. The front of the vacuum has the sensor array (object and cliff detectors) which faces with dock while charging. The rear has a removable dustbin which pops off with a button push and pulls open to reveal a clamshell design. 

In terms of features, it comes with Sonic Mopping delivering high speeds 100 scrubs per minute to break down messes and absorb them into a soft, washable microfiber mopping pad. It also comes with LIDAR technology that quickly and accurately maps your home so you can set up cleaning areas and No-Go zones. Its AI Laser Navigation ensures total home coverage with precise row-by-row cleaning, day or night while detecting and avoiding objects 4 inches high or taller.

It also has the SharkClean app through which you can select the UltraClean Mode in to target specific rooms, high-traffic zones, or spots for multi-directional deep cleaning coverage. You can also set no-mop zones in the app for areas to avoid while mopping hard floors.

Using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, set a cleaning schedule, initiate on-demand cleaning, or activate UltraClean Mode—all with the sound of your voice. In terms of performance, With powerful suction, sonic mopping, and Shark’s self-cleaning brush roll, the robot picks up pet hair and eliminates stuck-on pet messes with ease. Its incredible suction picks up all kinds of dirt and debris and in UltraClean Mode, you get way better carpet cleaning.
Despite its various features, we found out some of its cons while testing the product, like large debris can get caught in the vacuum’s intake opening. Moreover, Pet hair gets caught in the brush roll. Overall, with the given price and all the features, it would be a worthwhile buying decision to go with.


  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Vac and mop in one.
  • Can clean even without Wi-Fi so long as you have a map saved.
  • Above-average suction


  • The mop tank is only good for medium-sized rooms, so expect to refill.
  • Fast cleanings, best suited for hard floors
  • Noise

Buying Guide: 5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mop Combos for 2023

In the fast-paced world of technology, robot vacuum and mop combos have become an indispensable addition to modern households. These innovative devices not only save time but also ensure your floors remain spotlessly clean. If you’re considering investing in a robot vacuum and mop combo for 2023, this buying guide will walk you through the process step by step, helping you make an informed decision.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget
Before diving into the world of robot vacuum and mop combos, establish your budget. Prices can vary significantly, so it’s essential to know how much you’re willing to spend. This initial step will help narrow down your options and prevent you from overspending.

Step 2: Assess Your Flooring
Examine the type of flooring in your home. Different robot models are designed for specific surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, carpet, or a combination of these. Ensure the robot you choose is compatible with your flooring to maximize its efficiency.

Step 3: Consider Cleaning Modes
Robot vacuum and mop combos offer various cleaning modes, including sweeping, mopping, and dual-action. Depending on your needs, select a model that offers the appropriate cleaning modes to tackle the specific messes in your home.

Step 4: Battery Life and Charging
Evaluate the battery life of potential robot vacuums. Longer battery life means more extended cleaning sessions. Additionally, consider models that can automatically return to their charging docks when the battery runs low, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning.

Step 5: Navigation and Mapping
Opt for a robot vacuum equipped with advanced navigation and mapping features. These devices use sensors and cameras to create maps of your home, allowing for more efficient cleaning patterns. Smart navigation ensures no areas are missed during the cleaning process.

Step 6: Wi-Fi Connectivity and App Control
Many robot vacuums offer Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone apps for remote control. This feature allows you to schedule cleanings, monitor progress, and even customize cleaning preferences from your mobile device.

Step 7: Noise Levels
Consider the noise levels of the robot vacuum. Quieter models are less disruptive, especially if you plan to run them during the night or while you’re working from home.

Step 8: Maintenance and Filter Replacement
Look into the maintenance requirements of your chosen robot vacuum and mop combo. Check if it comes with washable or replaceable filters and brushes. Low-maintenance units are more cost-effective in the long run.

Step 9: Brand Reputation and Reviews
Research the brand reputation and read customer reviews. Trusted brands often offer better support and warranty options. Real user feedback can provide valuable insights into a product’s performance and durability.

Step 10: Warranty and Customer Support
Finally, review the warranty and customer support policies of the manufacturer. A strong warranty ensures you’re protected in case of defects or malfunctions. Responsive customer support can make troubleshooting and problem-solving more straightforward.

Choosing the best robot vacuum and mop combo for 2023 involves careful consideration of your budget, flooring type, cleaning modes, battery life, navigation features, connectivity, noise levels, maintenance, brand reputation, and warranty. By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can confidently select the perfect robot vacuum and mop combo to keep your home clean and tidy in the coming year.